GALACTIC FIELD:Strategy Edition 银河领域:策略版

This is a new-concept strategy game for leisure time. The game happens in the long future in the universe. It is about the war between different space ship fleets. Players join the wars as fleet commanders. You can command the fleet, fight against the enemies in the frontline. The game advocates leisure, smartness and realness. You can enjoy the game in your own flow without much effort. It’s especially suitable for live streaming. The hosts can interact with the audience easily anytime while playing. Also, the game is non-violent, suitable for players of any age, especially who are in favor of sci-fi, strategy or round game. Now, the game is fundamental edition and will have more modes with more investment and sales in the future. Due to limited resources, it only has single player mode now. But, you can get free update. Hope you enjoy the unique game.
Game features: “slow tempo, leisure, strategy, random, relaxed.


Join our human adventurer on an adventure! Is this adventurer even a hero? Is he even actually an adventurer? Who cares? Not the Crafting Goddess Joann, apparently! All she wants is a slave to make crap for her, and that slave appears to be this poor soul. I guess now that he’s been chosen by a trans-dimensional entity to do some kind of bidding he doesn’t really have a choice of sorts.

At least there’s some fun to be had as he traverses the dungeons generated from your old high-school reports and questionable images.

Wait a second, did I just say old high-school reports?! They have value now?
You sure bet!

You’ll have to delve deep into your hard drive’s dungeons to create the list of items the goddess has bestowed upon you to create. All the dungeons are randomly generated from the files that you select on your hard drive, with bigger files creating bigger dungeons, and different file types designating different kinds of loot you can find. Items, craftables, and monsters all have generated names with randomly selected adjectives attached. Even the requirements to make the crafted items are random!
Use every menu and tool at your disposal to collect items and serve the goddess


  • Randomly generated dungeons based on your files
  • Randomly generated items
  • An unpredictable play time
  • Being able to play with one hand with a beer in the other
  • Multiple ways to reach your goal
  • Hand drawn pixel art made with love and care

Spoiler Alert Ahead! You have been warned!

C:raft is a homage to the Rogue and JRPG genres, while being an easily accessible and expansive experience. Within minutes you can already be collecting tons of loot, exploring your hard drive, and dying. The game features practically no story, but many ways to play, some of which only unlock after beating the game at least once, and its crafting experience is no more than a glorified fetch quest. That said, there’s still plenty to sink tons of time into, as it’s a lightweight experience that can be played during a coffee break.

Castle Clicker : Building Tycoon

An idle tapping game with Farms, Mines, and Castles! Dozens of buildings to unlock and upgrade! Puts a new spin on both Tycoon and Clicker games! A good game if you have some down time in between matches of better, more well made games.

Tired of mindless idle games and clicker games? Play a Clicker game unlike any other! Just tap and click to build a bustling City where you can manage your workers and resources.

Discover ancient Artifacts and recruit special Avatars to help you with new powers and abilities!

– Beautiful, full resolution graphics and design
– Buildings with special game play attributes, like the Bank that can generate interest on your Resources
– Full control over time management, send your Ships out for only a few minutes or for several days for greater rewards!
– Frequent feature updates, including new buildings!
– Infinite Gameplay: Even when you think it ends, there’s more!
-Full featured Leaderboard system

Go start building your first Farm and discovering your first Mine!
Thanks for playing Castle Clickers!

Beach Cry of VR

Bikini zombies are coming! “Beach Cry” release upgrade
“Beach Cry”, the game was made from Beijing Daxing media has got big update recently. It added level setting, five boss from myths and legends make debuts! Brand new magic theme let the game has a new life, more details waiting for you.

Add level, combat with boss from myths and legends

The new level setting let you to choose the boss for each level, there are Boa monster , Medusa, Scorpion enchantress, Giant spider, Octopus monster. Levels’ style would change if you choose different level, for example Giant spider would in a huge canyon, Octopus monster would in the ocean. You can choose any level to experience on the basis of your interest. What’s more, be careful the bikini beauty zombies, they would appear anytime and anywhere to kill you!

Magic theme, bring better shooting experience
New version game add magic element, it’s just like you’re in a magical world. Thunder and lightning, flying sand and rolling pebbles, all kind of effect let you have even more real world! Guns and shooting experience is more overall update, totally different battle feeling we have.

The story line update, go the dangerous area to rescue hostages
Not only simple to kill zombies, the challenges of boss, but also rescue hostages successfully, then you can win the game finally.

Fantasia of the Wind – 风之幻想曲

Fantasia of the Wind is is an adventure puzzle role-playing game (AVG + RPG) produced by Fantasia Group, which is the first game of the Fantasia Series. The engine is RPGMaker MV, supporting controllers, mouse and keyboard operations.
It is an adventure story about a girl named Sandra who lived in a small village. One day, she got a magic gem of life in a relic of goddess. But when she returned to the village, she found all villagers were brutally killed. In order to save their grandfather and the villagers, Sandra signed a contract with goddess of time, back to the time point before villagers being killed, hoping to change everything … …

The game will be multi-route design. Our goal is to allow players to get completely different experience during new game+ and new game++. Even the same time point of the same route will be a little different with the game proceeding. The first playthrough will take 5-6 hours, and the second playthough(NG+) will take 10 hours or more. The whole game playthrough will take more than 20 hours.
There will be a huge number of side quests as supplement of the main story. We need more content to deliver our fantasy world view to each player. (Note: Side quests, collection elements and challenge elements will also change as the game proceeds.)

The amount of scenario text in demo is about 100,000 Chinese words. It will reach 600,000 to 800,000 when finished to ensure a more complete expression of the world view. (We are sorry that we are temporarily unable to count the words in demo of English version because we haven’t finished it yet.)
We try to design multiple puzzles and multiple solutions in a same map for players who explore in NG+. When using some special methods to solve the puzzles, players can be surprised to find: How can the solution be so? There is still a thing hidden here? This is completely different from the last time I playthrough! We think explore and discover are two biggest pleasure of the puzzle game.
However, players do not need to worry about the difficulty of the game. Puzzles in main story will be relatively easy to solve. So players can enjoy main story without too much pressure. For core puzzle game player, we prepare a large number of side quests and challenge puzzles. Side quests and hidden content can be discovered by some evidence. They will unlock some special achievements. The feeling of complete the challenge which seemed to have no solution must be cool!


The granddaughter of a blacksmith in a small Village. There was no information about her parents, she just lived with her grandfather. She was taught to be kind and honest. After the death of grandfather, she signed a contract with goddess of time and returned to the past, hoping to change everything … …
Skill: Returning- Instantly return to the start point of the map

Aurora’s blacksmith. He was a member of Kingdom Knights and set a lot of exploits in Marcus War before losing an eye in a battle. He has excellent skills of forging and tailor. Many legendary weapons of Kingdom Knights are made by him.
Skill: Strength- Crush rocks Move heavy objects

A young nun of Gülla church, orphan. She lived with her elder sister in childhood. But after her sister’s death, she lost in sadness and confusion. At that time, priest Murphy helped her and became her teacher. Now Mignon is a cheerful and happy girl which can use light magic well.
Skill: Cure- Disperse debuff Cure wounds

Daughter of Dark Crow Chamber Of Commerce’s president, talented and outgoing. She learned business from an early age because of her father. But she doesn’t want to be a businessman like her father. She is good at identification of rare herbs and pharmaceutical refining. Her dream is to be the greatest pharmacist of the kingdom.
Skill: Gather- Able to gather herbs in map

A member of Paradise Circus, war orphan. Because of the harsh environment ,Brook represses his emotion and grows to be self-contemptuous. Although he hopes to delight others by his circus show, sometime he makes a mess which due to his lack of self-confidence.
Skill: Destroying- Destroy magic circle Counter magic

A member of an assassination organization named Eagle, good at unlocking and assassination. He is the top killer in the organization. Although Eagle is an organization which just care about money and regardless about morality, Quilla only kills ones who he thinks to be evil.
Skill: Unlocking- Use tools to unlock most of locks

Talsaluq: Tower of Infinity

Talsaluq: Tower of Infinity is a maze-adventure game which entails multi-level trials with the goal of surviving to the peak… assuming there is one.

Set in a tower over 3,000 years old, the player must ascend it at the request of their guide to discover if the myths of its infinite height are true, all while avoiding fatal threats on every floor. These threats, known as Hazards, come in several forms and with many capabilities. While some are a mere inconvenience, others are absolutely insidious. Make it passed them, and you just might discover the true height of the tower!

Achievement Hunter: Alien

Achievement Hunter: Alien

In this 2d action / shooter you will play for the main character who wants to stop the aliens who are trying to destroy his city.
You do not have any allies. There are only you, your weapons and a huge number of aliens.
Fight for your city, increase your skill, upgrade weapons and prevent invasion of aliens into your city.

Game features:
– Minimum allowable price
– Real weapons
– Fearless protagonist

Smart Junior Academy – Spring

Entertaining educational game for children (5-9 years) Smart Junior Academy – Autumn is one of four parts of Smart Junior Academy series.

Purpose: improvement of memory,concentration and learning skills through play.

Designed in cooperation with child psychology academics, in order to support development of memory, concentration and mathematical skills, as well as to extend common knowledge.

20 varied exercises
10 difficulty levels

Printable extras: colouring activities, worksheets.

• set in the positive atmosphere of reviving nature
• children learn tidiness and waste sorting
• they recognize spieces of birds and other animals

One of four parts in Smart Junior Academy series.

Great emphasis is placed on conveying information about natural environment in a fascinating way.

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest: Adventure Game

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest it’s a traditional 2D point’n’click game with retro-pixel style graphics. It’s an adventure game, a game with heart, about space ship’s engineer Odysseus Kosmos and his service robot Barton Quest.

Download pilot demo episode for free (pilot episode is really shorter than any of the future five full episodes, yet it delivers a small independent story).


You are the ship engineer Odysseus Kosmos; you and your service robot Barton Quest are stuck in deep space near a black hole, all on yourselves. Your shipmates are down on the surface of a planet where time moves far, far slower and you, along with your robot, have been waiting for years for them to return to your orbital station. You were used to your comfortable boredom, but then the ship starts acting funny: it looks like this mysterious black hole affect your ship in strange and unexpected ways, cutting off your communications and threatening with de-orbiting the station and sending you stranded into deep space… unless you can do something to stop it!


  • Old-school 2D point-and-click adventure
  • Solve hardcore riddles and puzzles to save your ship
  • Explore outer space in a cool retro pixel-art style!
  • Immerse yourself in a sci-fi story whit a pinch of good-hearted humor
  • Live a 5-episodes adventure full of surprises – and enjoy the pilot episode for free!
  • Character customization if you buy 2 DLCs for $40 each naaah, just kidding!

Frosty Nights

Welcome children, to a wonderful, magical, yet grizzly story that old Nicholas never wanted you to know.

After the story is said and done. Your own story will begin.
That’s if you can survive the frosty nights that await you:

• The snowman is not so cute and friendly looking when he’s hungry.
• Watch the ways into your room carefully for any unexpected ‘guests’.
• Be sure to keep the door closed… although getting out of bed may be dangerous.
• There are many bangs, bumps, and distractions seen in the corner of your eye. Are they a real danger, or safe to ignore?
• Prepare yourself, you need something to see in the dark, and something more to defend yourself.
• Survive until the warm sun ruses.

Frosty Nights is a First Person / Point and Click hybrid horror game that focuses on atmosphere and suspense.
The first couple of nights are slow, but the later nights will give you little time to think of your next move.