illie – it’s a puzzle game where you must fill in green all the way and get to the finish. Each level can be passed in different ways. Every step you take turns the floor into a green color. Need to get to the finish tile. Help the little “illie” to go through all the levels and get out of these labyrinths.

Critters – Cute Cubs in a Cruel World

This game is in heavy development, so make sure you read the Early Access description before purchasing it.

Critters is a game about survival, exploration and evolution and it’s also a game about parenthood.

The focus of the game is, to be enjoyable and peaceful but also challenging. Weather is your biggest enemy, but other than that, it is all about figuring out how things work, how to survive, find food, water and shelter, how to adapt and how to use the Environment to your advantage.
Some might also enjoy to figure out how to get certain patterns and colors, while others might want to create the most “dangerous” looking Critters.
This kind of open gameplay should allow for everyone to find a way on how to play the game, there is no right way 😉
The controls are simple (WASD, Space and mouse OR xbox controller: 2 thumbsticks and A) and UI is kept to the very minimum, to allow for best way of immersing yourself into the world, but also, to make it easy accessible for everyone, no matter what language it is you are speaking.
At the same time, the part that is about parenthood, you want to learn the language of your cubs. What do their faces mean? What do they need and want? How to help them to get to the food they need? How to help them, when they are sick? It is for YOU to learn about them and the same way you can learn about the world and other creatures. *other creatures are not yet ingame and most responses from cubs are currently in form of particle effects

About THE “Critters”
They are inhabitants of this strange world and the fastest adapting and most travelling creature. You are one of them and you need to help your cubs to survive and grow strong, because that is the way, how you can make sure that your species will continue living and hopefully thrive.
Naturally they are very “undefined”, they don’t seem to have any ears and overall they look a bit like cats….Cheshire cats even, which makes them a perfect basis for mutations in all kinds of directions. They are like natural “blank slates”.

About the World
This world has many secrets (final version) and it shows in strangely familiar looking mountain ranges and a mysterious fog surrounding these Lands.
There is life everywhere and everything flourishes naturally, those are virgin lands, untouched by humankind and it shows.
The weather, while predictable most times, can be very harsh.
Hot Deserts, eerie swamps and ice cold snowy mountains, are surrounding this World, it seems almost as if something wants to prevent you from going too close to the edge, where the impenetrable and quite deadly Mists are. Sometimes you think, you can see shadows moving through them…

explore the world on your own or with your cubs
evolve and adapt to weather conditions and other challenges
uncover the story of these lands and it’s inhabitants
watch fruits regrow on bushes
get sucked into the tornado
watch your cubs die in lots of different ways
feed your cubs
start a new generation (visit a den)

*Computer spec based “infinite” spawn and kill of cubs (press K or L on keyboard)

if you read this all and are still insecure if this game is for you, here a little help:
Do you like animals and fantasy?
Do you like cute, but also are craving for a new survival challenge?
Are you liking animals?
Do you like Cartoons/Anime?
Do you like to wander around aimlessly in hopes of stumbling on something interesting?
Do you like to watch little creatures grow?
Are you interested in Genes and Biology?
Are you curious about Environments around you and the animals that inhabit them?
Are you wanting kids of your own?[/list]

If you responded “Yes” to all or most of them, you would likely enjoy the game 😉

Snake: Road to apple

Snake: Road to Apple snake is a nice classic game. Eating apples, earn points. Earn a maximum of points!

Simple and addictive gameplay
Use arrow keys to move
A lot of achievements to unlock!

Gravity Tunnel VR

Gravity Tunnel is a VR experience which lets you immerse yourself in space. Sounds cool? Yeah, it feels good too! Your brain will be put to test as you go further – luckily, there’s a series of levels on which you can train your sense of balance. We prepared all you may need in space – narrow planks, dynamic obstacles, cool music, colors. After finishing Gravity Tunnel, NASA training programme will seem easy to you! Brace yourself for unforgettable space experience!
DISCLAIMER: Too much fun may cause health issues such as smile, amazement, satisfaction and fulfilment.

• Interactive virtual environment
• Retro graphics style – Vintage gaming meets VR resolution
• Unique aesthetic – feel the vastness of space!
• Cool music – may invoke feelings of nostalgy in older players!
• A few levels with various obstacles – can you beat all of them?
• That arcade feel!
• Balance training for your brain
• Intuitive VR environment – no more sitting and clicking! Gravity Tunnel puts you in the very center of the action. You can say “goodbye” to boredom. Age and
“technology intuition” don’t matter. Go!
• Extraordinary joy – it’s satisfying and challenging, but in the end – you are fully satisfied… See for yourself!

About qverty team:
We are young enthusiasts of technology. Currently, we’re focused on VR technologies and we design innovative VR, AR and MR apps. Our goal is to explore the potential of intuitive physical interactions in virtual reality. We’re gladly presenting you with our most entertaining product – the Gravity Tunnel!


PhysicsN is a physical simulator of the destruction of neon cubes. Create, blast, change gravity, slow down and stop time, break up cubes into the smallest particles! The game has only one goal, you just need to enjoy it, everything else is in your hands!

Destination Primus Vita – Episode 1: Austin

Get ready to live the extraordinary experience of our SIX crew members aboard the Beaufort ship, en route for Primus Vita.

Destination Primus Vita is a video game featuring narrative and traditional puzzles set in a science-fiction universe. The world is a dreamlike construct created from the protagonist’s world, thoughts, and feelings while in cryosleep on the way to the planet Primus Vita.

The player will navigate from the main Puzzle Room in the train, to the Memory room, where s/he be able to interact with the other 5 companions. And find some clues to solve the puzzles, of course…

In the year 3044, a team of six humans travel to the planet Primus Vita to retrieve precious water that was stolen from them hundreds of years ago. A space voyage of 4 years in cryosleep awaits them.

After the arrival of previous teams on Primus Vita, the World Space Agency (WSA) noted that these long periods of cryosleep caused memory loss, depression and an overall loss of cognitive abilities in the soldiers and scientists who undertake these missions. To combat this problem, NIM, the AI on the Beaufort, created a way to stimulate the sleeping minds of their team members by making them live the Train experience.


The arcade rhythm game you can play in your room, it is “Rhythmica”.

Rhythmica is an authentic rhythm VR rhythm game that you can enjoy with easy operation.
Operation only three simple actions “shake”, “fasten”, “slide” the controller according to the ball flowing from the four lanes.
Following the operation feeling like a conventional arcade machine, it is easy to understand for rhythm game fans and first time players, you can enjoy the immersive feeling unique to the rhythm VR game.

・ Operational feeling like arcade rhythm game
・ Music of various genres
・ The difficulty level is “BASIC” “ADVANCED” “EXTREME” “SUPERLATIVE” four kinds
・ Release of music by progress of game


HALLUNAZI is a simple fps with endless random level generation.
Player gains score for every room he completes. The end goal of the game is to complete as much rooms as possible.
Rooms are becoming heavier and every time introduce the player a new mechanic and upgrade enemies at the end of each cycle.

Endless Levels and Upgrades

Player has XP for every killed enemy, the XP varies on the enemy level, room level and the skill of player. Player can exchange XP to buy new weapons
or upgrade them (weapon upgrade is also endless at the moment). Some of the upgrades unlock unique weapon mechanic.
XP can also be used for unlocking new levels. Player can find useful items on every level.

Player can also upgrade 5 skills of his character.

Bygone Worlds: Jerusalem

Immerse yourself in Ancient Jerusalem.

Explore the city, from the base of the Kotel (the Western Wall), one of the largest and most elaborate structures ever built, and put yourself in the shoes of an ancient citizen.

You are in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus Christ, and this application will narrate your path as you explore and interact with this incredible city. You will see the sights, hear the sounds and complete a short journey of daily life.

Every detail has been researched and approved and is backed-up by archaeological evidence.

This app is not just engaging and entertaining, but is a valuable educational tool of great historical significance.

Roman Sacrifice in Córdoba

It is the first century AD and you are the high priest of the Emperor’s imperial cult in Cordoba, Provincia Hispaniae – modern day Spain.

You have arrived at the temple to perform a ritual sacrifice to honour the Emperor and his family and demonstrate your city’s allegiance to Rome. It is vital that you perform this ritual correctly, to guard against evil and unveil omens.

This ritual is one of precision using various implements with multiple stages, including music and sacrifice and burnt offerings to the gods.

The user will be guided through, and get to participate in this historic ritual.

This Lithodomos VR experience is not just engaging and entertaining, but is a valuable educational tool of great historical significance. Every detail has been researched and approved and is backed-up by archaeological evidence.

Fun Facts: Construction of the temple began during the reign of Emperor Claudius (41-54 AD) and ended some forty years later, during the reign of Emperor Domitian (81-96 CE). The remains of the Roman temple stand next to the town hall in Cordoba. The size of the building needs to be seen to be believed. You will see the altar in the Lithodomos VR experience, and you will stand in amazement below the marble columns that support the roof.