Direshade Fortress was abandoned a millennia ago after an unknown dark force erupted from the earth beneath it forming a dungeon filled with unknown terrors. Visited by the foolishly brave never to be heard of again, the fortress has been marked a no-go area by all who know it. But now the darkness that lurks there is spreading outwards from Direshade as some dark force grows within its dungeon! With his kingdom threatened, the King has chosen you, his bravest knight, to venture to Direshade Fortress.

Your orders…
…Enter Direshade Dungeon…
…Overcome its dangerous layout, traps and monsters…
…Find your way to its core and destroy the darkness growing there…!!

Dungeoneer is a pre-rendered first-person-perspective interactive cinematic story experience. Take on the role of a knight as you venture to Direshade Fortress and find a way into a dark and mysterious dungeon that has erupted from the earth beneath it. You will have to explore the dark chambers of the dungeon, not knowing what lies beyond the next doorway, and what evil entities and deadly traps await you. Equipped with your sword and shield, you will collect many objects and magical spells on your journey and it’s up to you to use them wisely on your adventure.

Dungeoneer is played primarily with the mouse. Point and click around the dungeon environments, interacting with the elements you see and following a cinematic story that will take into the unknown depths of dungeon…!!

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